Oh My Gawd! He’s NOT Dead!

Nope! I’m definitely still alive, although you could be forgiven if you believed otherwise given how long it’s been since my last blog entry. After all, it’s been what? More than two months? How time flies! However, I swear my resurfacing on Hallowe’en is just a coincidence! I just couldn’t bear the thought of another month going by without a post…

So much has happened since my last entry—in the world, personally and professionally—and summer, alas, is already fading into memory. Mostly I haven’t been inclined to blog in good part because it’s all been rather overwhelming, but also because I’ve been working very, very hard and going to bed when I haven’t a single ounce of energy left in me. That said, I would be lying if I said that the thought of posting a quickie or two hasn’t crossed my mind in the last two months, but the few times an opportunity would present itself, I just couldn’t bring myself to take advantage of it.

Not that aMMusing ever had a huge readership, but I’m sure my prolonged silence has eroded it considerably. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re like me and frequently go through your blogroll even though you don’t expect there’ll be anything new, and are pleasantly surprised when there is. In fact, except for the most prolific blogger on Earth, most of the people on my blogroll are irregular bloggers. I like to think that’s because we have a life to live …not to say Mac doesn’t have a life. Au contraire! But I have no idea how she manages to do all the things she does and blog so much, but it’s great for her readers that she does.

Although being busy is my official excuse for not blogging, there’s another reason and it’s not lack of interest. I’ve mentioned before that, for the sake of my clients as well as my own, I don’t feel I can get into some of my professional quandaries on this blog. It’s one thing to put out an opinion with which some of my clients might disagree if that opinion has (or should have) no bearing on our professional relationship. However, it’s another thing to lay everything out as far as how my business is going, the frustrations and challenges of my work, and the stuff which for now I should keep to myself as so- called “trade secrets.”

I’m not worried about you, my regular readers …except for the fact that my rambling thoughts on this subject might quickly grow tedious and old on you; rather, the lurkers are the ones I’m concerned about. Because of them, I don’t feel I can be completely candid. Only my local friends, my family and Damian in Australia have heard some specifics.

I did give some thought to starting a new blog where I would post under a pseudonym, but that struck me as a bigger hassle than it’d be worth. Similarly, I thought about using WordPress’s password feature on selected posts and coming up with a low-maintenance way of getting that password to you. But, knowing myself, I know I’d end up spending way too much time concocting a PHP script that would do that.

So, I’m in an impasse as far as aMMusing goes. I don’t want to abandon it. I wonder if my worries about what I can or cannot blog about are founded or presumptuous. I would like to resume blogging, at least more frequently than I have so far this year. I worry that I’ll bore the bejesus out of you, for because work is at the forefront of my mind these days, I’m likely to completely geek out on you and write a lot about that. And, at the same time, I’d like to get back into writing anecdotes and reflection pieces like I used to in the beginning of this blog …just for the heck of it …the mental gynmastics of it …the fact I love to write.

What do you think? Do you care? Hell, is anyone still out there?!

{5} Thoughts on “Oh My Gawd! He’s NOT Dead!

  1. I say keep the blog and post when you can. Lord knows I’m guilty of not blogging for about a week or more now. I can’t even remember! But I also cannot imagine taking the blog down or discontinuing that kind of presence online even though I know very few people (maybe 10 if I’m really lucky) check in regularly.

  2. I’m here! Betcha thought I was dead, too. But I do pop by your blog semi-regularly in hopes of picking up some news about you. I have been meaning to call for aeons, but, well, I’m sure you know how where the road of those good intentions leads. It would be a shame for you to give up your blog. Why not consider posting about non-work stuff? (In my recollection, these constituted most of your posts anyway. (1) As you point out above, you like writing the anecdotes and reflection pieces (2) They might give you abreak from work and (3) I/We-your-readers love reading them! )? It might be one way out of your conundrum. Just a thought….

  3. Please bore me! 😛

    I read blogs via RSS these days. When you update, your blog pops to the top of the list so I can take a look. When you don’t write, it sits there quietly. I’d love it if you were able to write more, but if once every couple months is all you have in you, that’s better than not at all.

  4. If I had a job that entitled actually, you know, working…I think it would be a different story. Hopefully I’ll get a new job one of these days and actually find out. *grin*

  5. I know I am a little late to the table, but as you said life has a funny way of causing that at times. Regardless, I am extremely happy to see you back and do hope you continue to post regularly.

    Oh, and I know I am one of those guilty “irregular bloggers.” I am planning on doing something about that very soon.

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