Assault on Junior

Piss, shit and damnation!

I went to Club NRG last night after leaving BeeGoddessM and Stephanie to WoW the night away. It was an very odd night at NRG, in good part because it was so busy due to it being the most important day of Pride week in Halifax (more on that in a separate entry). Consequently, I had to park Junior in one of the last remaining spots on the edge of the NRG parking lot.

Being a special night of sort, NRG stayed open an hour later than usual (3 am) and I ended up staying until closing. As I approached Junior, by now conspicuously alone in the corner of the lot, I distinctintly thought I could hear him sniffling. And when I reached his driver’s side, I noticed that his small window on the driver’s side rear door was shattered.

Of course, everything in the car was gone; fortunately, I don’t keep much of any value in my car. For instance, I always keep the car registration papers on me instead of in the dash. But, obviously, all the CDs I had in the car are gone.

I could cry over the fact that a few of those CDs are difficult if not impossible to replace. But I won’t, since that won’t change anything. What’s infuriating, though, is that what the thiefs will get for those CDs — if they even bother trying to sell them off — will be much less than what it will cost me to get Junior’s window replaced. But most likely those CDs are in a bush somewhere, since they’re hardly anything anyone else would want.

This just topped off a really odd night out.

{4} Thoughts on “Assault on Junior

  1. OMG! That’s awful! Those PIG-F@#$er’s! Ok, but other than that…what else made the night odd? That’s what I really want to know.

  2. Terrible! Just terrible 🙁 What were the cd’s by chance? I know that’s an odd thing to ask, but if you’re looking to replace them perhaps I can lend a hand. I’m told I’m good at tracking down stuff on the web or elsewhere.

  3. Thanks, Julia. Actually, I realize now that most were from old (i.e., year 2000 era) MP3s downloads. Those that weren’t should be fairly easy to replace (Preisner, the first Enigma, and a few Michael Franks). Hardly anything worth anything to thieves, though, which is why I suspect they ended up in bushes somewhere. 🙁

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