I Probably Won’t, But…

I probably won’t do it, but I did give some serious thought to taking the patch off before going to bed last night, with the intention of putting a fresh one as soon as I got up. I didn’t, though, and the dreams were just as crazy as they have been.

Argument in favour of taking the patch off at night:
Getting some decent sleep

Argument against taking the patch off at night:
Risking failure

I’ve come this far and wouldn’t want to fail again. Plus there’s the grand scheme of things: there’s only two weeks left at Level 1, and BeeGoddessM assures me that the dreams will get noticeably less vivid when I go down to Level 2.

What do you think I should do?

{3} Thoughts on “I Probably Won’t, But…

  1. Keep with the patch. I have bizarre dreams just about every night and manage. And just think about what you will have finally accomplished after all this time. That feeling should be motivation enough, not to mention the health and financial benefits.

  2. keep that patch on. I am in my EIGTH week of the patch #14, only two weeks left after that to go on the #7’s. I’ve gain six pounds, and in the beginning I had a lot of sleepless nights. But that passed, I will deal with the weight later and now I sleep like a baby. My husband even commented this morning that I was snoring when he got up. He said in nine years of marriage, he’s never heard me snore. Hang in there, we will all reap the benefits of this when we can declare ourselves “nonsmokers”!! We can catch-up on a few sleepless nights, but we cannot replace our lungs. Taking one day at a time. I constantly remind myself of the benefits, the people around me who have quit, not to mention that beautiful dog who has put up with the smoke for almost four years because he had no other choice. I’m quitting for him.
    ive kept a journal everyday, I also found this helpful.

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