Transition, Phase II (Updated Mar. 28/05)

I temporarily reactivated the old incarnation of aMMusing so that I can refer to it and fix the broken links in this new version. I know it’s crazy to worry about linkrot for a personal blog, but, given what I do for a living, I don’t think it reflects well on me to have so many bad links. So I’m taking a bit of time here and there — whenever I reach a mental block with what I really should be doing — to write the .htaccess file from hell. This transition shouldn’t affect your reading of the new aMMusing except that you’ll start noticing pictures and links reappearing (and working as they should), while those who stumble on the old version of the blog will be brought to the right spot in the new version, no matter what link they follow over there.

UPDATE, Monday, March 28, 2005: I have set WordPress so that:

  • Before a comment appears:
    1. An administrator must approve the comment (regardless of any matches below)
    2. Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
    3. Comment author must have a previously approved comment

This shouldn’t affect most of you who have already commented in the past at aMMusing, unless you enter a different name, address or URL than before. However, for those of you who haven’t yet commented, please do not let those settings discourage you. I love hearing from new people when they’re legitimate readers, not spambots.

Password-Protected Posts Coming Soon
WordPress offers the possibility of setting a password for each post. I’m thinking this would be a good way for me to start posting stuff that I would normally not post at aMMusing. These posts might:

  • refer to situations I only talk about with some friends, or
  • not be “G” or “PG” rated as has roughly been the case so far.

If or when I decide to write such posts, I’ll set things up so that you can easily obtain the password(s). Of course, the decision to give out the password to any particular individual will be entirely mine. You’ll also have to decide if you want to “go there.” Some things about Maurice you might prefer not to know about… 😉

{5} Thoughts on “Transition, Phase II (Updated Mar. 28/05)

  1. Wrt linkrot, I chicken out in most cases. For my personal site, I don’t worry about it at all. For more important sites, I just toss up a nice 404 page with a polite apology and a search form.

  2. Well, it’s just that I would like to bring the images I’ve posted into WP and eventually get rid of MT entirely. This is also giving me an opportunity to weed out known linkrot to external sites and make sure that previous posts are still legible in WP. The conversion of diacritical accents didn’t go well at all.

  3. Since I was using phpBB as my previous CMS, the transition to WP had to be done manually. What a chore! What I thought would take only a few days to complete turned into several weeks of work.

    Not only did quotes, accents and other special characters borked during the transition, but every image and other phpBB native formatting had to be stripped and replaced. In some cases, I simply cheated and instructed WP to convert certain bbCode tags into standard HTML and CSS using the profanity censor tool.

    For me, everything had to be in perfect working order before I was happy.

    An unrelated aside: I am not the biggest fan of serif fonts but the one used to compose this comment works really nicely with the sans-serif fonts (Verdana mainly) on the rest of the site.

  4. Like you, David, I’m going through a lot of trouble (and trickery) to get everything right. I managed to write a simple PHP script to generate the .htaccess file, but that doesn’t take care of everything, especially since I plan to remove the former “blog” directory. And, like you, I usually don’t like serif fonts, but this one does work, doesn’t it! I find composing comments and new posts a lot easier.

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