Grab Bag

(1) I’ll be converting aMMusing to WordPress. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon.

(2) I wonder when will be the right time to talk about this big, wonderful and exciting event on aMMusing, which I’ve been avoiding.

(3) I would like to tell her I’m sorry about the passing of Rat.

{6} Thoughts on “Grab Bag

  1. I have never used MT, but I just recently redeveloped my site incorporating WordPress. Unlike other packages that require you to design your site around them, WordPress allowed me to simply drop in tags to my existing site. The back-end interface is also clean and straight-forward. Finally, server performance is fantastic.

  2. Yes, I’ve noticed your switches at Mount Sutro. I’m particularly intrigued with your switch for the forum software, especially as it came on the heels of yours truly working several days on phpBB and tweaking it. Something tells me it might be work I’ll regret soon. 🙁

  3. Yeah, I was recently turned on to Simple Machines as a feature-filled and secure alternative to phpBB.

    The installation of SM required only my database information; the install script did everything else, including assign permissions. A conversion script was also available, so I was able to retain my members, post, private messages and some configuration options without having to dig in the database.

    At first, template and “hack” modifications looked complex, because all of the output is generated within PHP scripts. After studying the various files, however, I located the appropriate locations where I wanted to add/remove content (primarily the site-wide header and footer) and it worked flawlessly.

    What type of work were you doing in phpBB?

  4. Oh, I only found a theme that worked better for my needs than the default subSilver, and applied a few useful MODs. It’ll do for now, although I’ll be keeping posted on your ongoing impressions of SimplesMachines.

  5. I liked WP until I played with TextPattern, now TP is my blogware of choice. I’ll still recommend WP, though.

    Simple Machines is my favorite new script of the year. It’s a great little forum script that might even be good enough to use on commercial sites.

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