2s Definitely Come in 3s

Here we go again! We had a nor’easter blizzard last Monday, an Alberta clipper blizzard on Thursday, and now another clipper is coming tomorrow. Those of you who aren’t familiar with extreme Canadian winter weather might not realize that, usually, when it snows heavily, the temperature tends to go up near or slightly above the freezing point. And certainly in the recent past years around Halifax, snowstorms would often end with a prolonged period of rain, causing a slushy mess that would freeze up after the storm’s passage. So, I find it quite fascinating how, for the clipper that’s coming tomorrow, the temperature is expected not to go above -6C and that it’ll start hitting when the temp is still around -16C. Therefore, with the wind that’s expected to gust to 100 km/h tomorrow afternoon, the current blizzard warning is coupled with an extreme windchill warning.

On weeks like this, it’s hard to imagine that it can be possible to lay naked (or nearly naked) on a beach in these parts. I just hope that, unlike last summer, next summer will make up for all these blizzards. I want a real friggin’ suntan this year! Because last summer was so horrible, my skin is already as pasty-white as it is by March or April after a normal summer…

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  1. We’re getting a dump here in New Jersey today, too. 15-20 INCHES. And it’s “little snow”: little snow make big snow. Hard to believe that over Christmas here it was in the 60s (17 degrees C).

    But I love it! I realized during my recent sojourn in the frozen north of Ontario how hopelessly, incurably, and incorrigably Canadian I am. I just love the winter.

    I love winter clothes, winter temps, and outdoor winter sports. Heck, I’m even an armchair curler, which really says it all, doesn’t it?

  2. Just another example of how weird you are, Bush Whacker! ;-P However, we’ve already determined that you’re more a fall/winter kind of person, whereas I’m completely committed to summer. I live for summer. I WORSHIP summer! Maybe it’s because my birthday is in the summer…

  3. And here I am complaining about how warm it is… At 15C all week, we’ve had to cancel the youth group snow trip because there is no snow!!!

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