Hurray! A Quiet Non Christmas!

You know, I can’t tell you how happy I am about the fact I have absolutely no plans for Christmas this year. You’ll recall that, in years past, I would have to go to Moncton for the sake of my parents. I love ’em to pieces, but I’ve long viewed Christmas as a downtime to be resented.

But this year is different. With my father having passed away last March, my sister decided it would be better if Mom didn’t spend Christmas in Moncton this year and thus convinced her to go to Ottawa. What’s more, my sister has warned her little clan that given that she has convinced “Grand-maman” to join them, my sister will be having a réveillon and everything just like Mom used to do when we were young. That’s good because Mom still likes Christmas, the highlight of which is invariably seeing kids opening their gifts. When we were kids, the family’s finances were tight but we would never have guessed, for Mom had a way of wrapping gifts in such a way that there seemed to be tons and tons of gifts under the tree on December 24th. And something about going to mass at midnight — when midnight mass was still held at midnight — was simply magical …although that could have been because, as a kid, I knew the opening of the gifts would happen immediately afterwards, followed by a feast of tourtière, sandwiches and bûche de Noël.

No, I can’t say that my memories of Christmas as a child are bad. Quite the opposite. But now the thought of spending a quiet Christmas alone, unobliged in any way, is striking me as a most delicious prospect. The Queen of Sheba has invited me to spend Christmas with her brood, but I’ve already indicated that I’m thinking about taking a pass — nothing personal. I just want to be alone, left alone, and that’s okay. My sister told me as we were driving from Halifax to Moncton a month ago that, having had such Christmases herself, she understood precisely where I’m coming from. The trick, I guess, is that I don’t mind my own company. So this year I’m poised to have the kind of non Christmas I’ve longed for. All I’ll have to do is make sure BeeGoddessM‘s Beau the Cat doesn’t starve while her mom abandons her… 😛

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