Marketing Versus Real Action

I must have gotten out the wrong side of the bed this morning, for I just fired off this message to my ISP in response to their online newsletter which came in today.

From: Maurice
To: [Telco] Member Services
Subject: Less Marketing, More Action
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 13:07:00 -0300

Good day,

I’m getting rather annoyed with [Telco]’s “Member Services.” Why? Because it seems to view me, a so-called “member,” as a mindless market target who waits to receive with baited breath the next issue of your online newsletter, from which I’ve gleefully unsubscribed today. I’m pretty sure that unless I took leave of my senses at one point, I did not voluntarily subscribe to receive such tripe, and if I did, I doubt I would have asked it to be sent as a HTML-formatted e-mail message — unless that’s the only form in which you publish the darned thing. If the only reason I have been added to your distribution list is, as I suspect, the fact that I use [Telco] as my high-speed ISP, then I fear [Telco] may be crossing the line as far as Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is concerned, as such a distribution list should be an “opt-in” and not the other way around.

But even more annoying than that is how there seems to be time to produce a useless marketing brochure when there needs to be action taken to curve the amount of spam I receive at my [telco] address. [Telco] used to have a decent server-side filter that cut most of it out. But the effectiveness of such filters is contingent on their being updated regularly on the server. I could understand why it wasn’t being updated during the lengthy strike that plagued [Telco] this year, but the strike has ended more than a month ago and clearly this VALUABLE SERVICE has not been updated yet. I have even sent, shortly after the strike concluded, a suggestion that it be done as soon as possible. I got no response whatsover to this suggestion, yet today I received yet another issue of that newsletter/tripe that pretends that [Telco] is the best thing since sliced bread.

A bit less marketing and a bit more action, people! Updating spam filters is a valuable service. A marketing newsletter is not.

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