Cryptic Voice Mail Messages

I hate getting brief, cryptic voice mail messages, especially from my mother. I got one this evening, as BeeGoddessM and I went for a drive along the Eastern Shore.

“Hi Moe. You’ll call me, okay…” (in French, of course). That’s all she said.

Yup, the same tone and almost the same words my sister used in her message on the morning of March 12th, except then I knew it meant, “Dad has died, so call for details.” Maybe nothing’s wrong… It might just be another manifestation of how my mom so dislikes answering machines… But I doubt it. I suspect that either a relative or close family friend has died, or something bad is up with one of my brothers or my sister. Or Mom herself.

Sorry for the suspense, but that’s exactly what I’m experiencing right now. I’ll be sure to give you an update as soon as I get one myself.