My Porn Name

I promise I’ll be make more entries at aMMusing soon, but I just wanted to get this stupid thought out of my mind right away…

I remember hearing somewhere that one formula male porn stars use to come up with their screen name is to take a variation of their mother’s maiden name as their first name, and the name of the street where they grew up as a kid as their last name. Now, not that I intend to become a porn star — I’d probably do better selling refrigerators on the North Pole! — but if I were, I guess my screen name would be something like Forrest York.

How would that grab ya …pardon the pun? ;-P}

{7} Thoughts on “My Porn Name

  1. Gotcha. Strange to think it. Wrong to publicly admit to it. 🙂

    FWIW, I didn’t actually come up with any names I liked. They just weren’t slutty enough for porn. I grew up on “Elysium Avenue.” Not sure how to fit that one in…

  2. So, I’m Toni Maria… or Toni Deuce… or Charlie Regina… Godiva Gina (pronounce as if saying Regina)… go figure…
    p.s. Maurice is by my side, laughing like a hyena… how the heck do you spell hyena anyway?

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