June 28: Triple Occasion

June 28 will mark three big occasions.

First, one of my brothers and his wife will be celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary. What makes this feat particularly astonishing is that they’re both only 44 years old. You do the math.

Second, it’ll be the first anniversary of my adoption of Junior. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! So, I know that a year ago on Monday, I was in Moncton to show my new acquisition to my parents. Of course, now that my father is gone, I’m glad in a strange sort of way that he knew I finally got rid of that heap of trouble that was Homomobile. Being the kind of guy he was, he actually spent a lot of time worrying about me and ce maudit tas de ferraille.

Third and finally, Monday is Federal Election Day. And what an election campaign it has been! Who would have thought just six months ago that we might have given any thought to a Conservative minority government lead by Stephen Harper! Fortunately, the latest polls seem to be showing the Liberals ahead by a hair, but how that’ll translate into seats given our stupid first-by-the-post, winner-takes-all system is hard to say. I suspect I’ll be in front of the TV until the wee hours, for I doubt the pundits will be able to declare the colour (Liberal red or Conservative blue) of the minority government that’ll be formed. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that when the still very large number of undecided voters reach the ballot box, they’ll get back their senses and realize that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would be too dangerous for all we hold dear in Canada. People who threaten left and right to use the Charter‘s Notwithstanding Clause sound too much like U.S.-Republican-wannabes who wished there was a Patriot Act here, too.