Ah! Summer finally arrived in Nova Scotia yesterday. In fact, it was stinkin’ hot in Halifax: 32C (90F), which doesn’t happen that often. The high 20s aren’t that unusual in the summer, but the 30s are. Now we’re back on a stretch of high teens (high 60s F), with more sunshine than cloud and rain. That’s damn good, since May and early June were so grey and wet that most Haligonians thought that moss was starting to grow between their toes and under their arms.

Now comes the catch: Will I have the time to enjoy the summer (see previous entry)? It’s in times like these that I half wish I had a “real” job with paid vacation time. But, as usual, as much as that perk would be nice, I get an overwhelming feeling of dread just thinking about such a job. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to having one of those again…

{3} Thoughts on “Sizzle

  1. Alright here is a ploy to get you out for an hour or 2. I would love to hear first hand what Point Pleasent is like now that it is reopened….Bill

  2. I could be wrong, Kevin, but I think Rossi’s doesn’t exist anymore. And Bill: my friend I call Indiana Jones went to Point Pleasant earlier this week and he said the park looks like it got a really bad haircut. :-O Not surprising given that 70% of the trees got blown down or damaged in some way…

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