{10} Thoughts on “Adieu, Pa

  1. So sorry for your loss, Maurice. We will hold you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

    Jeff & Brad

  2. Maurice,

    Jim emailed me at work to tell me of your father’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during your time of sorrow. Take care of yourself…be good to yourself.


  3. Maurice,
    Please accept my deepest condolences and know that you are in my thoughts at this difficult time, for you and your family….Bill

  4. Thank you, everyone. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated — all of them, whether they arrived through this blog, by e-mail or by phone.

    I went shopping for a jacket with BeeGoddess M tonight, and boys! will I ever have a story to blog about when I get back. But now I’m off to bed and will getting on the road to Moncton around 9 a.m. There’s been some nasty winter weather today so travelling wasn’t a good idea, plus I needed to tie down a few things with clients before leaving. Fortunately, my sister is still in Moncton and I have a brother who lives there, so Mom is not alone.

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