Woes of *This* Blog Writer

Sometimes I go back days, weeks, even months in aMMusing and re-read stuff I’ve written. And the thing that drives me nuts is finding typos and poorly constructed sentences. In fact, it does more than just drive me nuts; I feel mortified when I find mistakes.

The most devastating ones, of course, are those I find in entries in which I rail against bad writing practices. However, I think that’s precisely when Murphy lurks to trip me up. The bastard!

But more fundamentally, I have this thing about leaving mistakes once I find them, even if they’re nested deep in a very old entry and I know readers of aMMusing understood what I meant. Quite simply, I can’t leave them there; I have to correct them. So, you can imagine that, for me, writing a blog entry can be time-consuming since I spend a lot of time revising it before switching it from “Draft” to “Publish.” And even after I switch to “Publish,” I make several more revisions before finally walking away.

The worst part is that I’m the same way with my e-mail. Most of my clients simply fire off messages and don’t pay much attention to how they write. And that’s fine: if it works for them… I, on the other hand, read my messages over several times before finally pressing “Send.” And I feel awful when I find a mistake in a message I sent — sometimes even if I sent it weeks ago.

The thing is, I’ve always been this way about my writing. I can drive myself crazy with it. Yet, cognitively, I know a few harmless mistakes aren’t the end of the world. Still…

{6} Thoughts on “Woes of *This* Blog Writer

  1. I think you’ve hit on the very reason that I never re-read anything I’ve written once I’ve published it (except the stuff I get paid for…) ESPECIALLY my blog :o)

  2. I think I should make an effort and follow your advice. ;-P} BTW, thanks for commenting, spyke. Funny how we never really know who’s out there reading our blog. I read some of yours and I like! Unfortunately, I haven’t the time right now to make a comment or two over there. Trust me, I would if I weren’t so rushed as I prepare to leave for the hometown tomorrow, especially on your Recovering Catholic entry.

  3. Hey – it’s the Xmas season – i understand totally! I’m having a hard time myself keeping up with other people’s blogs lately, with all the present wrapping and stuff – I’ll be SO glad when it’s all over and I can play with my presents :o)

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only person who does this. I just cringe when I find mistakes. *These people must think I’m a moron!*

  5. It makes me crazy when I find mistakes. I will go back and fix them right away and often end up rewriting or editing sections that now seem awkward or unclear. I do enjoy your spelling and grammar entries that you do from time to time. Even if it does send me running back to my blog in paranoid fear….Bill All the best for the holidays Maurice

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