Knowing the Difference

I remember seeing a long time ago an attempt at humour, where someone mockingly referred to the ” Department of Redundancy Department” or something along those lines. And I remember thinking back then, “That’s not a redundancy; that’s a repetition.” Certainly a needless repetition since it doesn’t dramatically emphasize a point, but a repetition nonetheless.

A few minutes ago, I was thinking out loud to myself about a part of the program I’m writing when I heard myself say, “It would have to revert back to …” Of course, unrelated to my programming problem, my next thought was, “Now THAT’S a redundancy!” After all, there’s no such thing as reverting forward.

Sometimes I scare myself. Who else’s mind wanders off to such stupid and trivial digressions while writing a program? Or at ANY time, for that matter!

{1} Thought on “Knowing the Difference

  1. My mind wanders when I’m studying, especially biology. I usually start thinking about all of the things I need to get done for work and around the house.

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