MT Spam Bug with a Twist

Lately there’s been a lot of of talk among MoveableType users about how it has become vulnerable to spam comments. Well, I just received another one today, which I promptly deleted. But I must say I’m mildly amused that it was attached to this post in which I was telling you how my credit card had been charged twice in the same day for something I knew nothing about.

Amused, and a tiny bit worried, really…

{4} Thoughts on “MT Spam Bug with a Twist

  1. Fortunately, when the spammers decided to leave their droppings on my site, they picked a blog that hasn’t been posted to in months and gets no traffic.

    What bugged me wasn’t so much that they spammed my comments. It was the content of said spam. They linked to some junk that was less than legal in the USA. 🙁

  2. As you may have noticed, the spam comment I received was also in an old entry. As for the legality of the spam, from what I can gather (because it was difficult to comprehend), my latest was for some kind of drug. As another blogger I know has commented before, it’s a wonder that pharmaceutical companies aren’t all over those “online pharmacies.” If I’d taken the advice of only a fraction of those I’ve received in the last month or two, I should be the happiest man on earth, with a two-mile-long dick.

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