Waiting for Juan

As I mentioned yesterday, Juan is due to make landfall in Nova Scotia around suppertime today. Right now, the easterly wind is 33 km/h (21 mph) gusting to 46 km/h (29 mph), which is windy but not outrageous. Landfall is expected at Halifax or about an hour west near Mahone Bay. With high tide coming shortly after landfall, the storm surge could even affect Halifax Harbour and downtown.

I fully expect to be without power for a while tonight. I hope the Bar Hopper stays in Moncton tonight rather than drive into the storm. And I hope the night won’t be too wild for BeeGoddessC, who’s spending the week with a longtime friend in a cottage on St. Margaret’s Bay (yes, just west of Halifax)…

{3} Thoughts on “Waiting for Juan

  1. Got the message – thanks Maurice!!

    I will stay put with Poupone for the night, nicely snuggled in, out of the wind and rain (poor me!) ;0)

    I will check out the situation in the morning to see if I can make it into work.

    FYI, Poupone was a total star at the FORUM Nationale sur le developpement culturelle de la Francophonie Canadienne, which was itself an incredible 4 day event that I was quite priviledged to attend. Leaving aside my obvious inherent bias, I can honestly report that as the host/animateur of the event, she was brilliant. I have attended and presented at a lot of conferences over the years, and I have never seen it done better – with such humour, timing and grace – a truly remarkable display. So, I am actually grateful to Hurricane Juan, for giving me a good excuse for staying here tonight so I can congratulate her properly!

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