Note to the Stupid (Like Me)

I just wasted an hour and a half trying to get an image to appear on a webpage. That’s right: a whole friggin’ hour and a half for something so trivial! You’d think I’ve only been doing this stuff for a day or two, not 6 years.

I drove myself crazy.

Q: Is the image corrupt?
A: Can’t be. I tried creating it with two different applications.

Q: Is the database table from which the reference to the image was drawn corrupt?
A: Why are the previous references working, if that’s the case.

Q: Did I copy the image to the right directory?
A: Yup.

Q: Are the file attributes for the image on the server “normal”?
A: Look fine to me. They’re like all the others.

Q: Is the HTML markup referring to the image wrong?
A: Nope.

Q: Could it be a browser cache issue at this point?
A: Cleared cache, but the image isn’t showing up on Netscape or IE.

Q: Would rebooting the computer help?
A: In theory, it shouldn’t. Doing so with other strange problems has cleared things up. But not this time.

Then it occurred to me.

Through much of the evening, I’ve been having to set my FTP program to upload files in ASCII mode. However, images are binary and, therefore, must be uploaded in binary mode. So I uploaded the image again, this time in binary mode, and, of course, it showed up on the page.

In the back of my mind, I knew I would kick myself once I had figured out what I was doing wrong. But I never thought it would be something SO STUPID!

I give you all permission to laugh at me. I deserve it.

{1} Thought on “Note to the Stupid (Like Me)

  1. How can I laugh when I’m feeling your pain? Sunday night, I updated a site I maintain. Put up a photo gallery from an event on Sunday and a big huge freaking link on the front page of the site to the gallery. Got all sorts of emails & phone calls Sunday night and through Monday asking where the photos were. I was going crazy telling people the link was right there on the page.

    Found out later, I had the permissions wrong and set up the link so only registered users of the site could see it. So, while I could see the link plain as day, none of the outside visitors could.

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