The Baby Boy in Nova Scotia

I thought I’d drive out 15 minutes from the city to show Homomobile Too places he’s likely to see frequently in the next few years. He said he thought it was very pretty, but asked that I be sure to take good care of his body because of all the salt in the air and on the roads in the winter. I’m starting to think I adopted a worry wart. But he was estatic to learn when we got back that Beau-Bazou-a-Vroom-Vroom agreed to be his godmother auntie.

Homomobile Too posing at Fergusson Cove, which is about 10 minutes from downtown Halifax.

Here he is now at Herring Cove, 15 minutes from downtown.

That was his view at Herring Cove, which he really liked.

And this is what he could see through his rear-view windows.

Still at Herring Cove, just 50 feet away from where HT was posing.

At Chebucto Head, HT allowed me to show you that he has a cute litte asset.

At Chebucto Head, we met Beau-Bazou-a-Vroom-Vroom’s Irish cousin who’s living in Nova Scotia. (BTW, the black flies were fierce at Chebucto Head.)

At the Herring Cove Lookoff. I have no idea who those people are. They just seem to jump in front of the camera.

Again at the Herring Cove Lookoff, without the strangers.

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  1. He’s fabulous! Absolutely adorable. And the coves, the beautiful coves! First you show us Peggy’s, and now Fegusson and Herring. It’s so pretty up there. 🙂 Did Beau-Bazou’s cousin vroom-vroom with an accent? hahahahah

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