There are two requests today at aMMusing: one that will have an impact on this blog, and one that I’m passing on on behalf of “someone.”

Not long ago I referred to Indiana Jones’s “colourful language [that] could make even a sailor blush.” Well, it is so colourful that the BeeGoddesses have requested that there be a new category at aMMusing, which could have weekly installments, to be named “Indiana-Jonesisms.” When I saw Poupoune briefly in Moncton yesterday, she said she thought it was an excellent idea, and I also agree. So brace yourselves to read stuff we hear daily from a mouth that is strangely — very strangely — poetic.

The second request comes from Homomobile Too. I spent much of the evening cruising around town so that I could get better acquainted with my very recently adopted baby boy. A baby boy he is; however, he’s much more self-aware than I ever thought possible. He asked me to ask Stephanie’s Beau-Bazou-a-Vroom-Vroom if she minded being his godmother auntie. I told Homomobile Too that we’d have to ask Beau-Bazou’s mommie first. He said he understood, but he’s clearly anxious about this. When I put him to bed in his garage tonight, he reminded me, “Don’t forget to ask Beau-Bazou’s Mommie…”

Isn’t he cute? :-P}

So there you have it.

{3} Thoughts on “Requests

  1. I understand the excitement over the recent “adoption” but you’re really starting to scare me!

  2. I detect a case of the good ol’ broad Gertrude having her seatbelts in a knot. I think Homomobile Too will consider Gert her older half-sister…

  3. LOL! He’s terribly cute! Beau-Bazou-a-Vroom-Vroom says she would be honored. And she’s a little jealous because she doesn’t get to sleep in a garage! But I have been thinking about getting a cover for her or maybe a plastic bubble. That’s so no one would be able to look at her or breathe on her the wrong way.

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