Welcome Cindy: The Best Side of Blogging*

You may have noticed a comment in a recent entry from a newcomer called Cindy who found aMMusing as a result of a Google search on Jane Olivor.

We exchanged a few, very pleasant e-mail messages after she posted her comment. She’s a very interesting woman living in the U.S. Southwest, and I hope she comes back often to aMMusing. I think she’d have much to contribute to this blog.

When I started aMMusing last December, I knew people I don’t know would come here from nowhere, so to speak. That made me a bit nervous. But to date — and here’s hoping I’m not jinxing it! — almost everyone who has found this blog and commented on it has been pleasant. We’ve laughed; we’ve discussed; we’ve ranted… But it’s all been civil, and that’s very nice indeed.

* An irresistible paraphrase of a 1978 Jane Olivor album…

{7} Thoughts on “Welcome Cindy: The Best Side of Blogging*

  1. Us regulars will just have to start randomly vehemently disagreeing with your statements of fact and opinion.

    Maurice: I purchased a new automobile today.
    Regular: No you did not, you *&%$#!

  2. You have had it for a few hours now, so let us hear the dirt! Having just purchased a new car myself, I know how elated you must be to finally have some new transportation.

  3. bust? burst? errrrmmm…. breaking in the new car eh? Hey, some of my best rides have been in cars, and I didn’t even leave the parking lot (or the back seat)… he-he-he-heh!

  4. Homomobile Too drives like a dream! Indiana Jones and I left Halifax shortly before noon to spy on Poupoune and the Bar Hopper and for me to introduce HT to my parents. I’ll be taking pictures of the new pretty boy soon to post here. Elated I am. ;->>}

  5. Thanks for the kinds words. I just referred this site to my husband, who I am certain will love aMMusing. Also, finally found many of Jane Olivor’s CDs in the music store. For some reason they decided to file her under new age – go figure.


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