The Other Kind of CD

There’s this guy I know who jokingly calls me “Ex-Friend Maurice” because we hardly ever call each other. At one point he and his partner moved to Truro and I found out a few months later; then, last year they moved back to Halifax and I found out a few months later. But that’s just the way it is; we’re not really ex-friends but it’s funny to refer to each other like that.

Anyway, Ex-Friend grew in the South Shore town of Shelburne — a very small town, I should point out. There was a family in town that adopted a goose as a pet. They called the goose “CD.” They’d take CD for a walk, on a leash as one would walk a dog. In many respect, CD was a regular pet.

But why call it CD? It wasn’t a reference to compact discs; they hadn’t been invented yet. Surely CD had to stand for something. Regrettably, Ex-Friend asked, not quite prepared for the answer. CD stood for…

Christmas Dinner.

And I have no idea why I remembered that just now.

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  1. A little French lesson for you:
    The words “joke” and “stuffing” are both translated in French as “farce”. I wonder if turkies enjoy “une bonne farce”?? Hee Hee Hee.

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