Spam in the News

Bush Whacker has pointed me to a bunch of articles about spam in the New York Times.

Given that one of my first blog entries was to bitch about spam, I am most certainly among those who’d like to see measures taken to drastically reduce it, if not completely eliminate it. But I can’t help feeling pessimistic about ever seeing the day that’ll happen. It was possible to prevent shitheads marketers from sending advertising by fax, but that’s because the caller’s number could be traced. But due to its decentralized nature, no governmental body from any nation can hope to effectively stop the avalanche of spam. Besides, most spammers know every trick in the book not only to camouflage the sender’s address, but also to use everyone’s bandwidth but their own. That’s what is so nasty about spam; it’s as though every one of us had sent these fucktards* a bunch of self-addressed, stamped envelopes to receive their trash!

The quote that insulted me the most in the NYT article Bush Whacker forwarded to me today came from one Alyx Sachs, a spammer who would like me to believe that she’s altruistic for spamming me with offers to “fix my credit for free.” Said she: “These antispammers should get a life. Do their fingers hurt too much from pressing the delete key? How much time does that really take from their day?”

That’s hardly the point. And YOU are the one who needs to get a life, Ms. SpamBucketSachs.

My work is online. If my computer is on, then so is my e-mail application. I like to act upon the e-mail I receive as soon as I get it so that I won’t get buried under a mound of requests. I also like to reply to comments on aMMusing as soon as I’m aware of them. But it’s getting to the point where keeping e-mail on is too much of a distraction.

For you see, in the time it took me to write and edit this entry, I received 15 spam messages. It’s not a matter of “my finger hurting too much from pressing the delete key,” as Ms. SpamBucketSachs poo-poos. It’s the fact that the sound of those messages arriving is breaking my concentration. That’s not a huge problem when I’m merely blogging, but when I’m in the middle of programming or writing something business-related, it is. Meanwhile, Eudora tells me that I received 1890 messages so far this month and 1992 last month, but that I sent 100 and 152 respectively. I think these figures illustrate particularly well the extent to which spam has become a problem. Maybe the solution for me would be to start running Horde Mail more often in a separate browser tab, since messages would arrive more discreetly and I could delete them directly on the server, leaving only those I want to pull in later with Eudora.

It’s like any other good thing that comes along, though, whether it’s related to technology or not. There’s always a few out there that’ll ruin everything for everybody. The efficiency and instantaneous nature of technology has enabled the triumph of this particularly odious group of fucktards.

* I would be remiss not to give xkot full credit for coining this term. Visit his website to see if he’ll indeed start declaring who’s the “Fucktard of the Week” (instead of “Month”).

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  1. Ms. Spam Bucket? Get a Life? Please…..Interesting that you have the moronic sense to even think I said half of what was written OR that I spam. The NY Times is a business and the sexier the story the more the paper sells. Get a life she said…do their fingers hurt she said NO, SHE DIDN’T SAY IT, THE REPORTER DID. Before you go commenting on things YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOT A SINGLE SHREAD OF EVEIDENCE OR EVEN AN IOTA OF ACCURACY TO RESPOND ON, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE SHOOTING YOUR GOSSIP, CHILDISH, INSECURITIES AND HYPE ON THE NET. If you have ANYTHING TO ASK ME OR SAY TO ME Mr Man with the big mouth and small level of integrity, call me.

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