Does He Have a Nickname?

Some people have observed that I am the only one in this blog who’s referred to by his real name. I suppose a little explanation is in order.

Why simply “Maurice”?
Going by my real name goes back to the mid-’90s, when I would first go online to chat — back in the days of telnetting to MUDs. At first I would take an assumed name, but noticing that there weren’t tons of Maurices online, I stopped to bother. Plus, I prefer not to sway too far from the truth when I’m online. What you see (or read) is a pretty well what you get in real life.

Does Maurice have a nickname?
Yes, and its origin goes back about 10 years. A dear friend of mine was on a high of sorts as she was maintaining a long-distance relationship. She would often end the telling of her anecdotes with, “But you see, I’m the Queen of Sheba …and I was looking for Solomon.” One time, though, while we were having coffee at my place and after she had said this one more time, I said, “Well, if you’re the Queen of Sheba, then that must make me the goddamn Whore of Babylon.”

The nickname has stuck ever since. And the funniest part is that the Whore’s reputation far surpasses in naughtiness Maurice’s exploits.

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  1. Never called you anything but Maurice… except for the few times I called you slut; but I remember thinking of you as “espèce de fou” or “espèce de malade” before I actually confronted you (the first time we spoke, early 1980s) with my thoughts on how you were handling your friend in the wheelchair. Ha!

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