A Wee Bit Stressed, But Why?

A wee bit stressedI’m not quite sure why, but I felt those “butterflies of stress” in my belly for much of the afternoon today. That’s the first time I felt them in any serious way since I’ve been on my short leave from work. I wonder what that’s about.

Well, let’s see………

“Noise-Reduction” Projects
I mentioned in my last post that I only had a few “noise-reduction” projects to start. One I decided to put off, pending on the outcome of another. That other project is too embarrassing to mention in this blog until it’s finished, but I made a crucial call today to figure out its scope, and the last outstanding project is in full swing, although it will be months before it comes to its “natural completion.”

The “Embarrassing One”
The thing about the embarrassing project is that, if it works out like I suspect it will, it could have such a significant and positive financial outcome that I would be clearing up other problems that I hadn’t even put on my list of noises. That should be enough incentive to get through the preliminary work to get it accomplished but, for reasons unknown, the butterflies started to flutter just thinking about the task at hand. I still have three days to get that work done, though, and I set myself a tentative deadline of Tuesday to reach the second step.

The 2011 Meltdown
The shaky economy is back in the news in a big way and the growing consensus is that we’re heading into another recession. We’ve been feeling rather optimistic in Canada because we fared much better than most other places during the 2008 downward swing; however, this time, no one is feeling immune for what’s ahead.

I have tons of reasons to feel secure at my job but, given it’s in financial services, I can’t help but feel somewhat vulnerable. The demand for someone with my job description is not about to disappear; however, since it is what my employer (correctly) describes as a “cost centre,” who’s to say it won’t be on the chopping block should said employer decide it needs to clamp down on those? It’s disgusting considering that it has been racking up billions in profits each year, but the uberwealthy are always first to cry famine.

Anyway, the bleak economic news of the last two days made me realize the importance of getting through my embarrassing project as quickly as possible just in case my hopeful outcome is right.

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  1. Yeah, when they announced the 800 million in cuts to education, I thought maybe I’d get the axe, but since my program actually saves the government money, hopefully we won’t get cut.

  2. I’m so pleased that you’ve settled into a stable work situation rather than jumping from contract to contract. It served you well but this is so much better. Yay!

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