End of a Nine-Month Cycle

Data FileVery good news came along late this week at work, where I learned that my job is being realigned. Ostensibly, the rationale is to take advantage of the fact that I speak French, so whenever I go on vacation or if ever I’m sick (which has has rarely happened), everyone won’t be left scrambling to find a way of helping out francophone clients. Now I’ve been teamed up with another bilingual guy so we can work off each other. And the trade off is that I’ll be doing more than just client training, like helping clients to test data files and resolve “escalated” issues.

But better still — and I think that goes for everyone involved — I’ll be reporting to my previous supervisor with whom I get along immensely better than the one to whom I’ve been reporting for the last nine months.

It goes to show that perseverance (in the form of riding out a storm or a bad stretch) really does pay off. I also learned more in the last nine months about office politics and, yes, about myself. Both my strength and weakness is that I’m very trusting and always assume the best in people. That’s true in both my personal and professional life. On the one hand that’s good in that I care about much more than just my self interest; on the other hand, though, that’s bad because I’m invariably the last one to figure out that I’m being used or stabbed in the back. In that sense, I’m a lot like my father who couldn’t comprehend why there’s so much evil in our world.

Five years ago when I turned 40, I vowed not to accumulate regrets. In that time, I’ve made some good and bad decisions, and I’ve had some good and bad incidents fall upon me. But in the spirit of not accumulating regrets, I choose to look back only to draw lessons from those experiences and forge ahead, not to get stuck in the past and wallow in the what-ifs and could-have-beens. Because despite the ups and downs, I recognize that I still have far more to be grateful for than I have to regret.

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