Bits of Oldfield Fromage

I admit these videos are highly cheesy, but there’s something in this first old Mike Oldfield melody I keep coming back to…

Two other cheesy ones offset by Maggie Reilly’s voice…

And an absolutely hilarious video of the finale of Tubular Bells II

I recently found out that Mike Oldfield is a bit of a right-winger. But that and his cheesy videos aside, I still think he’s a musical genius.

{2} Thoughts on “Bits of Oldfield Fromage

  1. Thanks for this. It’s been a while since I last hauled out my Mike Oldfield discs. I often find that the vocals are very strong on his work – and I get a hoot out of hearing Bonnie Tyler on the Islands album.

  2. Nice new format. I’ve been chastised for not getting around to other people’s blogs so here I am. It’s a bad habit when I get really busy to just look at my own things to take care of.

    How are the Spanish classes coming? I’m on a long break while my teacher is visiting family in Cuba.

    One thing I like to do is watch a movie with Spanish subtitles, then find a bad word write it down and bring it to class to write and the board and ask, “What does this mean?”

    It’s a great way to start a class:)

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