Holidays in Montréal

This is my first holiday season as a resident of Sin City North. Time sure does fly; it doesn’t feel like nearly nine months since the move over here. While last year’s holidays were exceptional in that I was in Mexico and proposed to my husband-to-be, the holidays in the last few previous years were in Halifax.

So, like some kind of counter-balance, this year Gina DeGallo, daughter of the Queen of Sheba, landed from Halifax on Christmas night para romper su cereza de Montréal (to pop her Montréal cherry). In addition to getting up to all kinds of mischief together, we’re able to practice our Spanish (although she’s also suddenly developed a keen interest in learning French in a quest to one day also move to Sin City North and escape the “backwardness of this ‘urban’ centre [Halifax], [which] is felt keenly by all those folk who are homosexuals by day and cocksuckers & carpetmunchers by night.” Cherries popped so far include:

  • the Montréal métro;
  • Boxing Day shopping on Ste-Catherine (including buying bitchin’ clothes at Simons);
  • the delights of Marché Jean-Talon and cigarette-purchasing in Châteauguay;
  • Saturday night LatinBeat at Sky Pub.

Despite winds forecast to gust to 100 km/h, this afternoon after a call to mí esposo hermoso, we’re heading to Le Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal for the Warhol Live: Music and Dance in the Work of Andy Warhol exhibit.

Meanwhile, don’t get me going now on my mother’s visit last Sunday, as that is fodder for a totally separate post later.

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