After all the trouble I went through to change the look and software-end of aMMusing, I haven’t blogged more, have I! In fact, I blogged much less. And I missed it, to the point of dreaming about it last night within one of my infamous crazy dreams.

So, what do I dream after:

  • the world economy has gone deeper into the crapper;
  • an unprecedented political and nearly constitutional crisis in Ottawa engineered by Herr Harper;
  • Herr Harper’s government finally relenting in admitting not only that the “fundamentals of the economy” are NOT sound, but that the country is heading towards a deficit that could be as high as 30-billion dollars;
  • two elections, including the historical one in the U.S., which saw Barack Obama’s inspiring rise to power, and a less historic one in Québec, shortly after which the Premier named his new cabinet;
  • an insane workload at the day job, where I’ve been working on something huge, including some programming, in order to fix a big screw-up (in other words, I go to bed really exhausted every night);
  • the arrival tomorrow of my mother in Montréal, where she will be spending the day en route to my sister’s in Ottawa, and
  • a conversation earlier this week with Mom, who advised that when we go visit my aunt (her sister) in Longueuil, we need to tell her that Mom’s train leaves at 4:00, not 6:00, as my lonely but “not completely all there” aunt will never let us leave?

Easy. In the dream, there had just been a federal election and, to the relief of a majority of Canadians, the Conversatives had been ousted. The roommate, Cleopatrick, could drive — he can’t in real life — and had run an errand with Junior. When he returned, he claimed hearing on the radio as I did an interview with my aunt, who’d been asked to comment on how her sister, my mom, had been appointed to the federal cabinet …as Canada’s Finance Minister! Much optimism reigned in the country at the thought that this no-nonsense, cut-through-the-crap little old lady would succeed in fixing the country’s financial woes, and I, of course, hearing so much praise being lavished upon her, couldn’t help from well up in tears of pride.

Told you it was a crazy dream! Especially when you know how my unilingual-French mother, dynamic as she is otherwise for her age, is not terribly political and has no sense whatsoever of geography, meaning that, for her, Vancouver or Seattle could or could not be in Canada.

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