{3} Thoughts on “My Friends Are (Wonderfully) Crazy

  1. Oh merde! did I remember your birthday on the actual day and say it on Facebook ( no sentiment is real unless it is expressed on FB you do realize? lol)…or did I totally forget because it was my Dad’s birthday and I was thrilled that I had finally found a card with sentiments that expressed quite eloquently, my own for him…after HOW MANY years? and bonus: no pictures of golf balls or clay ducks with hunters…like truthfully how many people have Dads who go duck hunting …or have ever gone duck hunting…like what century is this…I mean apart from the hombres who founded Ducks Unlimited in order to preserve wetlands so that while in a drunken stupor they can blow their buddy’s head off thinking he is of the rare bright orange duck species, and oh by the way I got my raspberry pie for my birthday ..and a cherry pie from our Montreal visitors with whom I did not go back to Montreal.. …Yes my grammar is abysmal these days…blame it on Aliant and their falling under the influence of corporate ameriKa who deemed 80% quality is good enough which year over year in a very short time equates to no quality whatsoever…the upside of this (oops sorry the “value-added” :One doesn’t really want a comprehensible mission statement for then shareholders might hold us to it if they understood it,…aaah but i digress…I just want to say, nice idea to post songs that are significant in your evolution. Love you (and Fer too ) ! Jain

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