Just Another Busy Week

There have been times in the last three months when it seemed that the reunification with Esposo, although again temporary, would never come — a state of affairs that would get both of us down at times despite my propensity to put a positive spin on things. But finally, now it’s just around the corner. Indeed, by this time next week, I’ll be rushing around to pack and get ready for the trek back to Mexico City on the 29th. This time I’ll be flying Continental with a long layover in Newark on the way over, but that inconvenience is well worth the more than 400-dollars savings over what the other airlines, particularly Air Canada, had to offer.

The day job has continued its hectic pace. At some points this week, I became quite frustrated with one of my colleagues. But now it’s Saturday and I look back and think, “It’s just an effin’ job.” Moreover, I’m just days from being away from it all for two weeks. That helps me put things in perspective again: work is the means that allows one to live.

When I listen to the news the least bit, though, I can’t shake the feeling that living is becoming really tough economically. The price of fuel is reaching the stratosphere, which is dragging upwards the cost of just about everything else, especially foodstuff. I shake my head in disbelief each time I pay over $3.50 for a very ordinary loaf of whole wheat bread, yet at the same time I recognize that, with the global food crisis, things are so many times worse elsewhere in the world. At least here we still have access to a vast variety of food and it still doesn’t cost something unsustainable like 70 percent of monthly earnings.

This week was the week when I can say I wrapped up my Québec residency. I finally have the car’s license plate and proper insurance coverage as of Thursday, as well as medical and prescription coverage from work. Formally establishing my residency here was the essential component before stepping forward with everything else. State medical coverage is the centrepiece of proof of residency which, within Canada, only starts on the three-month anniversary following a move. So, technically, I’m still a Nova Scotian until July 1.

On this beautiful sunny Saturday in Montréal, which finally feels like summer again after nearly a week of autumn-like weather, I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit dazed. So much has been done — much of which I didn’t think would be so damn difficult — yet so much is left to be done. They say patience is a virtue, but there comes a time when I get sick of being so damn virtuous!

No wonder I’m so looking forward to the 29th.

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  1. I see you are a head of me exactly a month for going to Mexico City.

    Here is my email, I’ll give you the Yahoo, as that one always will be with me. Actually I’ll give you both, just in case your email gets caught in the spam filtre.

    torontomec@yahoo.ca brianfinch@teksavvy.com

    hope you are having a great weekend, and it was nice to hear from you.


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