Real Urban Wildlife

Call me naïve — Hey there, Naïve! — but I never realized that skunks live in Montréal.

Westmount is home to a variety of wildlife that has made its way down the mountain. Within the island of Montreal, there are as many as 15 to 30 raccoons and skunks per square kilometre. … Susan Spencer encountered a family of skunks living under her deck on Lansdowne Avenue. She called Humane Wildlife Control who initially placed a trap door in the small opening used by the skunks, allowing them to leave but not return. The company also placed wire meshing deep into the ground so the skunks could not dig themselves back underneath the deck.

Westmount is literally the backyard of this building (as you can see from the map to which I link), and the mountain is right over there, in plain view.

Although a Saturday night, I was in bed before midnight. Except that I woke up shortly before 3:00 am with a bad dream induced by an incredibly foul odour. The bedroom windows were closed except one by a tiny crack, and the bedroom door was closed, too. I got up to investigate and even stepped out on the balcony to check things out, but the smell was so stuck in my nostrils — and I happen to have a minor sinus cold as well — that I couldn’t tell if I was really smelling a skunk. It bothered me so much that I had to get dressed and investigate in the back alley. And yes, not only could I smell the stench back there — although only in small whiffs — but I think I may have spotted the stinky black-and-white critter.

I never doubted the existence of raccoons in any city, but I never thought I’d encounter a skunk in a densely populated part of Montréal. I always associated skunks to the country and suburbia. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one in all my years in Halifax, although admittedly it doesn’t have anything like Mont Royal in the middle of the city.

Thank gawd for air freshner. Now if I could only go back to sleep!

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  1. Which is why, after I spotted it but had to go back towards where I spotted it, I struck a balance between not tippytoeing and not charging. I didn’t want to spook it, either!

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