While I’m Being Cranky, …

Since I’m in a sufficiently pissed off mood right now, here’s another quick rant: Windows Vista totally SUCKS. That’s the OS that came with this laptop I’m using, but I don’t care: at the first opportunity, I’m going to find a version of XP for it. Vista is bloated and slow and doesn’t significantly improve XP. I don’t care that any kind of support of XP by Microsoft ends in June; I’ve not found a single compelling reason to stick to Vista. So, since there’s nothing major installed or saved on this laptop, I’m getting the whole thing reformatted down to XP. And I’m sure that will make operating this laptop a much happier experience.

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  1. Pauvre Homme.! I wld be more than cranky …I’d be totally all out raging Lion, hear me roar….Bell…ha…it took Amber and roomies…mmm, 3-4 weeks to get there “problem” fixed. My brother on the West coasr was more help than the tech that came out twice to their home (yes they had a 5-10 day wait each time too. Oh well if it’s any consolation one of my friends had a big discussion with Rogers…they billed her 750 on cell phone for services she didn’t subscribed to and air time that was during the after 9 pm free time….yep they argues with her abt it!
    Well miss you mon ami…and miss the Whine and wine sessions
    and oh it must be agonizing…newly married and unable to talk with ur spouse for TWO WEEKS!!!! arrrrrgh
    me …my love life exists in my mind…and even that is not great hahahah, otherwise all be fine and spring might appear any month now so…”it’s all good” as they say.
    I’m looking at jobs overseas….hey why not?..when will i see you again? My child is comin home for a visit the first week of May and then for convocation two weeks later hahahah silly goose.
    I bought her air ticket with my cancelled Grand Prairie credit. :_(. I’m still wounded over that…but out of the pit finally.
    email me sometime…when you finish fighting with Bell and are out of the closet…ha…it’ll be your second coming out of the closet!!! lol
    love ya and hugs to the other Prince
    the Green Girl

  2. Vista appears to be as popular as the NB Immersion Program makeover. My siblings continually rant about the software.

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