Finally Cracking

When I heard Esposo’s sad, sad voice on the voice-mail — two messages left via Skype Out to the home landline — my heart just melted. Except for a regular Skype call from a café last Saturday — and even that free connection was unstable — it’s been over two weeks we haven’t spoken. I missed all of his other Skype Out calls — once because my landline was dead, once because I couldn’t run across the apartment face enough before voice mail picked up, and then again last night. But as much as I like the new apartment, I feel disconnected there right now and can’t stand being unable to turn to the computer for anything. Who would have thought that by 2008, a computer that is not ‘Net-connected would be next to useless.

I came back from the broom closet work today to find that the DSL light is still flashing in glorious futility and no technician from Bell called to make an appointment to visit. Last night I was told it could take 24 to 72 hours, and sitting there on the sofa, I thought, “They might call Monday, to make an appointment for the next day, and arrive to determine that something highly unusual (although probably usual for Bell) is going on with the line and, no, they can’t fix it today but in 48 hours” …which would take us to next Friday. So, I called to nudge things along, only to find that, indeed, the status of service starting was changed from 2 April to 14 April, and no sign of an appointment coming soon. The gentleman at the end of the line suggested I call first thing in the morning in the hope of catching a cancellation tomorrow.

But, earlier as I came home, I had found the perfect piece of mail in my box: a pamphlet from Videotron. So, I called the number and asked it my question. “If you answer ‘yes’ to my first question, we’ll keep talking, and if you answer ‘no,’ I’ll stick to the devil I know,” I started. “I’m sick of the comedy of errors from Bell, and all I want is high-speed Internet. So, yes or no: could you have it installed tomorrow.” The lady at the end of the line didn’t miss a beat. “Give me your address, I’ll look it up and I’ll give you a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no.'”

She came back with a “yes.” Between 7:30 and noon tomorrow. And the first month will be free.

I went with it. Placed an order and a deposit, and set the alarm in case they really arrive at 7:30. It’s more expensive than Bell and Bell was going to give the first two months free, but as my mother would say, “Un ‘le voici’ vaut plus que deux ‘tu l’auras'” (“One ‘there you are’ is worth more than two ‘you’ll have it'”). Then, I called back Bell technical to cancel whatever technician might be coming this century or next, and while I’ll wait for Videotron tomorrow, I’ll be calling Bell to cancel the Internet service. I’m prepared for an argument, but where they did not deliver the goods in what anyone would consider a timely manner, any Internet-related fees or deposits I paid them I expect back. As for Videotron, I didn’t look into cable TV or cell phone just yet; being connected to the ‘Net from home tomorrow is my ONLY priority right now.

A part of me regrets not having called Videotron earlier, but then, by the time I called, I had the perfect sob story and it gave someone else the opportunity to tell Ma Bell to go piss up a rope.

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  1. We dumped Bell for Videotron. Now they pester us to come back and each time we say the same thing. Not even if you pay us will we use your services!

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