The Day Has Come

Never would I have thought, but…

— Maurice Yvan Michaud, will you take Fernando Revilla Espinosa here present to be your partner, to have and to hold and to be faithful to him from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, so long as you both shall live?

— I will. And as a token of the solemn vows of this marriage, I, Maurice Yvan Michaud , give this ring — a symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty.

February 22, 2008

No other words — I repeat no other! — could have filled me with more joy.

The Queen of Sheba hosted and Grand Poobah of Culinary Delights prepared the most wonderful, intimate wedding reception we could have ever imagined. Present were the Queen’s daughter and her partner, the Queen’s son, and the incomparable BeeGoddessM and Stephanie. And to our mutual delight, Cleopatrick called us during the dinner — another true mutual friend in the same league as Jorge and Alejandro and Jovana back in Mexico.

Also making a surprise appearance: an unexpected 10-centimetre snowfall. There must be irony therein; I never expected I would marry, let alone in the dead of a Canadian winter, and, until two weeks ago, Fernando had never seen snow. Or, perhaps rather than irony, the snow crystallized what neither of us ever expected would happen in our lives. It is -6C in Halifax while I write this, but 17C in Mexico City.

My beautiful loving spouse is sleeping now. We both indulged in much wine tonight, and clearly he is feeling its punch a bit more than I am. But, at least for now, he is near me — very near in every way — and that’s all that matters.

Pictures coming soon.

{7} Thoughts on “The Day Has Come

  1. Sweet Sweet Love
    Were I to know it would be such as this
    I far sooner would have called you to my side
    Yet even so
    As I look upon you here beside me
    Every moment of my waiting
    Has brought me far more than I ever dreamed
    For It has brought me YOU

    to Maurice and Fernando,
    on your Wedding Day
    February 22nd, 2008
    with Love and Grace for your lives together

  2. Big congratulations!!! I guess I didn’t realize you’d moved the date up so soon. Wish I could be there to raise a glass to you in person. But know that you’re being feted from afar!

    With love and best wishes–

    Nat/The Bushwhacker

  3. Thanks, all! And yes, Torn, we were in Montreal and got an apartment. We ended up opting for the CDN/Snowdon area — close to a grocery store, the metro, sundry shops, and a branch of my bank which will be very convenient for my work. I’ll have to catch up on my blogging to fill everyone in on the details…

  4. A comment here could not even *begin* to convey our best wishes for you both. And who could compete with that beautiful poem left by Jain! “What she said” probably isn’t exactly the most eloquent thing to say on such a great occastion – but really, truly – we couldn’t be happier! Félicitations!


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