Today I discovered that all Business Depot outlets smell the same. I know that’s a terribly odd observation, but I came to that conclusion minutes after entering the third outlet today.

Indeed, I brought back the dud Toshiba first thing this afternoon. It was pronounced a dud by a technician, so I find some comfort in that: I’m not an idiot. Then we arranged a hold on another Toshiba at the downtown outlet but, once there, I found out I could only get the blasted thing tomorrow. Knowing that there were three units sitting at yet another outlet across the harbour, I asked to the people at the second outlet to reserve one of those at the third so that I could go get it immediately, which I did. I insisted, and got, that Toshiba for the initial price.

So, it just over two weeks, I’ve technically bought four laptops. This one works well and I can connect adequately to an unsecured network — adequately enough to download the most recent Windows updates. I’m going to finish configuring this little puppy and that’ll be good enough for now. Later I’ll give more thought to what to do about my network and current wireless router.

Unrelated… A while back, one of my (real life and) Facebook friends had the funniest and most accurate status update: “[Friend’s name] thinks IE is a great browser to download Firefox.” I’m smirking right now because that’s precisely what I’m doing on the new Toshiba. That as well as Skype, which has become an indispensible application for maintaining that Mexico — Canada connection…