Look at This One …No, That One!

El Poema and I have spent a lot of time in the last 24 hours looking at online ads for apartments in Montréal.

It’s a frustrating exercise in many ways. First, there are the places that look right but are available immediately or a month sooner than we can start renting. Then, there are the places that are incredible but just THAT much over the budget. Then, there are the places that are perfect in every way …except no smoking or no pets, or neither. Then, there are those places that are amazing but make you wonder why anyone would pay that much rent instead of buying a house. And, of course, there are many, many that fall in the “You’ve Got to Be Joking” category.

There’s one prospect that came unexpectedly yesterday. El Poema still has to pronounce himself on it, but based on what he indicated he liked and didn’t like, I think he’ll like this one. I think I like it, too, although I’m hoping to get more details on room size and natural lighting. But the price would be right. There’s always the complicating factor that we’re still 21 days from our apartment-hunting visit in Montréal, but by golly: who wouldn’t want to rent to guys like us! 😛 In all seriousness, though, not that I’m the type to screw anyone around, but with this prospective landlord in particular, I really don’t want to raise false expectations.

Meanwhile, from the “Don’t They Make You Sick” file, something cute and funny happened during our Skype session last night that still has me chuckling. He was talking on the phone, so I sent him a goofy chat message through Skype: “Who is the beautiful prince I see on my computer screen?” When he got off the phone and read the message, he kept a poker face and said, “Oh! I don’t know… Maybe your computer has a virus!”

And then we both burst out laughing.

I WARNED you this anecdote was from the “Don’t They Make You Sick” file!

{2} Thoughts on “Look at This One …No, That One!

  1. Well, I’m glad to hear it for your sake, especially since you were worried that winter wasn’t a good time to get a place rented. I have a feeling you’ll have it settled by next weekend.

    We’ve imposed on ourselves a moratorium on looking at ads until early February. It’s just too frustrating because we’re not on-site, plus the vast majority of prospects are for immediate or February 1 occupancy. But at least we pretty well know what’s out there.

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