Warning: Do Not Sniff!

Sorry to bore you with this topic (again), but I’m back on the patch as of today. And BeeGoddessM is right: This time, which admittedly has been short to this point, it’s much easier than the first time. In some kind of warped logic, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to fall off the wagon for 2 days.

However, the point of this entry is this: Do not sniff a NicoDerm patch.

Now, you’re probably dying to say, “Maurice, you’re supposed to wear the patch, not sniff it.” But it’s like this: I would occasionally get a whiff of a rather unpleasant smell when I would move a certain way. As someone who hates bad B.O., I found this distressing. However, I ascertained that I wasn’t the generator of the foul smell, for today I decided to smell the sticky side of the patch before applying it. And let me tell ya, it’s rank!

So you’ve been warned! Fortunately, the exposed side of the patch is relatively odourless. It’s no tiger balm, that’s for sure!

{2} Thoughts on “Warning: Do Not Sniff!

  1. I imagine it’s concentrated cigarette stink. Next time you want a cigarette, just tell yourself that might be what you smell like to nonsmokers 🙂

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