Got Off My Tits! (The Saga Continues)

Okay, so it’s the weekend and I didn’t expect that I would be removed yet from the calling list of the company I e-mailed yesterday (per my previous post). But the phone rang again tonight around 7 o’clock, and there they were again! They’re driving me crazy!

This time, though, I decided to be more persistent and even tried to leave a message on ANYONE’s voice mail, but to no avail. So, I did a bit more research and found the company’s non-toll-free number and even the extension of the privacy officer. And this time I left an emphatic message: “Please, please, PLEASE remove the number 902 555 5555 from your list RIGHT NOW. You are calling way too often and have reduced me to never answering my phone. I can’t WAIT for the national do-not-call registry to be enforced in this country. Good night.”

Important research to allow companies to offer me better products… Feh! Kiss my faggy ass! Make it sound like it’s all about me when really it’s all about companies wanting to make even more obscene profits and flood the market with even more “stuff” we’ve managed quite fine without until now.

That’s right: You’re not improving my life one iota. In fact, you and your ilk are making it worse by turning a formerly useful instrument, namely the telephone, into a source of constant aggravation. And I’ll be damned before I get rid of my landline just because telemarketers are forbidden to call mobile phones. I know people who’ve done that and I can’t blame them, but I refuse to follow that path. You’re the ones who should change; not me.

{2} Thoughts on “Got Off My Tits! (The Saga Continues)

  1. “Getting on/off your tits” is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I’m sure i’ve commented on you using that expression in the past too. I have no idea why I find it so funny but *every* time I see you use it makes me laugh out loud.

    We don’t get any sales calls. We have a silent phone number (I think you call it ex-directory?). When I first got a phone connected years ago I requested a silent number. My siblings and parents get a few calls a day from Indian call centres all the time. When I used to get them at work I’d have fun with the operator until they eventually hang up on me through frustration. It’s the little things that amuse me.

  2. Yeah, I remembered that you like it when I use that expression, so I did it again especially for you, Damian. 🙂 Although, based on what you’re saying, it seems you’re not bad yourself at getting on people’s tits. That said, you couldn’t do it to better people!

    I don’t think having an unlisted number would work. Don’t those call centres dial landlines randomly?

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