Manitoba Stormin’

There have been powerful, destructive tornadoes for two days in a row in Manitoba.

I spent the whole evening going through the video clips at Those storm chasers are completely nuts …but at the same time, I can understand what’s drawing them.

You see, I love thunderstorms. And extreme weather fascinates me. But having experienced a Category 2 hurricane in a place where such storms are uncommon, I have to say that tornadoes are one type of extreme weather I never want to see up close. They are so frighteningly absolute in their destructiveness.

Tornadoes are more likely to occur in the Great Plains of the U.S. and the Canadian Prairies, although much of the eastern U.S. and southern Ontario are prone as well. But perhaps what struck me the most in those videos is the stark beauty of the plains/prairies. The towns and cities look depressing to me, but oh, that open sky and those lush fields! And that’s coming from someone who has always lived near the ocean and probably couldn’t stand being landlocked for very long.

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