I Remember It Well

March 31, 1998, fell on a Tuesday. I used to teach on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. But that’s not why I remember it so well; it’s because I remember the weather record that was shattered in Halifax: fuelled by a strong El Niño, the temperature that day went up to 25C when the seasonal average at that time is 6C. Also, 1998 was the first of two consecutive years when the leaves on the trees were completely out a full three-and-a-half weeks earlier than usual.

The “real” winter started very late here this year. It only started at the end of January. But notwithstanding a few exceptions, it’s been below zero or just marginally above zero every day since. That gets to me after a while.

{2} Thoughts on “I Remember It Well

  1. Feeling a little blue after the gorgeous weather on Friday the 23rd? We escaped Sackville (NB) to Halifax that day for an afternoon of strolling in the sun without our jackets.

    I miss “spring”, which doesn’t seem to really exist in the Maritimes.

  2. You’re right, Matthew. Spring doesn’t exist in the Maritimes. I have vague memories of it when knee high to a grasshopper in the late ’60s and early ’70s, but now it seems we just go from winter-ish to summer. Autumn, however, you must grant can be quite lovely around here…

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