Yes, I Will Write Again

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since my last posting on this blog. I’ll bet my few remaining readers have by now given up on checking if I added anything.

In a nutshell: there was a brief period where things were slow at the day job due to being in transition between two projects, but now things have picked up again. While things were slower, I did a lot of work on my online proportional representation project, and have to this point entered more than 23,000 individual candidate’s election results that can be analyzed through MMP PR lens. Additionally, I’ve been working on a proposal a client has asked me to put together by the end of this month. And on a negative side, my new upstairs neighbour is turning out to be a spectacular asshole. All this to say I would have a gazillion things to write about in this blog, so hope to get back on track eventually.

Incidentally, summer seems to have finally arrived in Nova Scotia. I had forgotten how delightful the view is from my desk when the leaves are out. I am such a worshipper of summer…