Thoughts of an Irredeemable Sinner

I have to admit that this post got me thinking about a subject I haven’t given any thought in probably decades and that I didn’t realize was still so hotly debated in some circles. (Ouch! Why does that turn of phrase strike me as so unfortunate now that it’s staring at me?!) But although I find the exchange interesting, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot poll — at least not among those who are holding the discussion.

Why? Because I can see that the premises on which the discussion rests are foreign to me, and attempting to submit alternate premises (assuming I had the energy to come up with some) wouldn’t serve any useful purpose that I can think of offhand. I’m even perplexed by the very fact this discussion has so recently been held, which probably means — if I were to accept temporarily the initial premises and the conclusion to which they lead — that I’m an irredeemable sinner. :-o}

At this juncture, though, the real questions for me would be (A) At which point do I stop following the reasoning, and why? and, consequently, (B) What do I believe?

I think I’ll go to bed now and …ponder.