It Doesn’t Take Much

You know, I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve managed to keep off the weight I lost last spring. I’ve succumbed to several temptations, but after a short period of “redress,” everything would fall back to where they were prior to the Moment of Sin. Indiana Jones still can’t piss me off by grabbing my “boobies” because they’re effectively gone. Yay!

However, last weekend we drove up to Moncton to visit BeeGoddessC so that Indiana could give her a hand selling her creations at the city market. And I immediately threw all dietary caution to the wind. It started with a stopover at Deluxe French Fries on Friday night. Then, throughout the weekend, I indulged in a constant gorgefest of potatoes, bread and sweets like none I’ve had in months!

It was wonderful …and insightful, too. I immediately noticed how I was always hungry for more empty carbs. Heck! I was just plain hungry all the time! By Sunday night, driving back to Halifax, I figured that if I’m to blow it I might as well blow it big, so I even got some timbits from Tim Horton’s in Debert. The result: I’ve promptly put on 5 pounds in just a little more than three days! Plus, although it wasn’t noticeable, I definitely felt bloated like I never do when I’m more selective in what I eat and control the carbs, fat and calories.

In the two days since I’ve been back and watching again what I eat, I’ve dropped about 2 or 3 pounds, so I know this weekend’s gain is short-term. If ever I doubted the cause-effect relationship, now I no longer can. However, even more interesting to me is not that I feel that I’m depriving myself now, but that I honestly feel better when I limit my junk intake. I remember how, prior to my “big loss,” I couldn’t understand why I was ballooning when I knew for a fact that my caloric intake wasn’t excessive. But now I understand, in a way I never thought I could. I’ll probably allow myself to go a little crazy again at Christmas, but by then I won’t be building on this past weekend’s excesses. In the past, I was building upon excess after excess, not realizing that there were excesses.

Funny that…

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  1. “not realizing that there were excesses”

    I think you have just summed up the entire failing of western society…. 😉

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