My Salty Leaky Ship

*drip* *drip* *drip*

All week now, there’s been a bad drip in my office. Apparently, there’s a valve in need of repair in my upstairs neighbour’s small-room rad. In about three days, one tiny (and noisy) drip at a time, the dishpan has become half filled. The damage is getting pretty bad; I’m expecting plaster and frames to come crumbling to the floor soon.

Last Saturday we had a wicked rain-and-wind storm. On my way from my living room (and now main) computer to the washroom, I stepped in a puddle of water. I looked up and noticed a drip near the window. I hadn’t been hearing the drip because most of it fell on a heavily upholstered chair. Apparently the isolation of the living room/dining room windows upstairs was no match to the storm’s fury, and my neighbour came home that evening to find a little flood. And some of it spilled into my abode.

Also this week, there were sporadic power failures in the Halifax area. Apparently the rain and fog of late contained an unusual amount of sea spray, which in turn has been causing havoc on the power lines. Many people aren’t buying that explanation from Nova Scotia Power. I’m the first to concede that perhaps the power grid in this province is not maintained as well as it should be, but I’m not as quick as some to dismiss this explanation and poke fun at it. We’ve become reliant on technology to the point of taking it so much for granted that we can’t conceive that it can fail due to what may seem on the surface like an unlikely reason.

Shit happens. Decay happens. And sometimes there’s little we can do to prevent it from happening.