The Fuckwits Found Us!

I was looking through the statistics for the Halifax Pride ’03 website and discovered that a group calling itself “Take Back Canada” is spewing vitriol against Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm and Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly (also a Conservative) in particular for having proclaimed Pride Week.

“This week, Halifax will witness repeated perverted exhibitions of homosexual behaviour – all blessed by his ‘worship’ (what?!) Mayor Peter Kelly – and his buddy, John,” the above page warns. “Peter and John, you deserve to lose office,” the page goes on to say. “You’ve already lost the respect of the public.”

I wonder who’s the public they’re referring to, though. A recent Globe and Mail poll revealed that Nova Scotians are the Canadians who are MOST supportive of gay marriage, at 62 percent. And Nova Scotia, as a province, is hardly a hotbed of “liberalism“…

I guess it must be that white, unilingual, anglo-saxon, Christian, anti-choice, anti-anyone-who’s-not-just-like-me public. Which reminds me why, when I was studying public relations and communications, my instructors insisted on saying publics


On the one hand, I like the idea of no longer being the slave of a substance. On the other, I feel sad and unable to concentrate on my work. Three little puffs is all I’d want right now…

So, how are the others doing? I’ll be hearing from Indiana later today.

Two Years Already

It seems like just a few weeks ago, yet it also seems like it’s always been this way. I’m referring, of course, to the fact that today is my two-year anniversary of joining Hosting Matters for Web hosting. Kevin followed me very shortly afterwards from a horrible Web host we desperately wanted to flee, and within a few months, Kev became an HM minion.

HM is a well-kept secret in the business, yet it has grown steadily since I joined them. Sometimes I worry that Annette, in particular, works too damn hard, even though she assures us all that she has always managed to cope with very little sleep. But, overall, I just feel grateful that I found them. I no longer remember how I stumbled upon them; all I remember is keeping an eye on them for nearly two months before my disgust with my previous host boiled over and I jumped ship.

Best jump I ever made.

And This Makes Me Crankier Still

So a poll published yesterday suggests Nova Scotians will be voting in a minority government on August 5, but it’s unclear if that minority will be lead by the Liverholes Liberals or the Possessive Corporatives Progressive Conservatives. What unimaginative voters Nova Scotians are for not trying to make the current opposition the governing party! The party that brought all the issues being debated in this election campaign is going to be relegated to third place? *sheesh*

But don’t forget: I’m not smoking so I’m particularly cranky.