Well That Was Interesting!

One of the first things I had to do today was look into why the website of one of my clients was partial toast. It depends on a database backend, although not one based on my CMS-in-construction. I poked around in the code for some 30 minutes until finally I checked the database tables. And in three years of working with MySQL, this was the first time that I’ve had a table become corrupt on me.

Boring, I know. But that’s the kind of thing a geek finds interesting.

Also, last Friday, Minerva — that’s the name Hosting Matters‘ owners have given the server on which this site resides — went down for a short period. I checked the HM discussion forums to find out if there was a known problem. And sure enough, Annette had just posted a notice telling us that there was an “MySQL issue” on the server and that they were looking into it.

That was reassuring …except then I started to worry. About a decade ago, a prof at the university where I worked had been charged for a serious bit of wrongdoing. But when a 60+-year-old nun who also taught at the university picked up the newspaper and read the headline, she immediately sucked all the air from the room and said to herself, “Oh God! What have I done now?” Of course she hadn’t done anything wrong, and she figured that out as soon as she began reading the newspaper article.

My point is that I reacted exactly like that old nun after reading the forum and finding out there was a “MySQL issue” on Minerva. Had one of my scripts gone mad? Was I going to get a notice that I’m (inadvertantly) violating HM’s acceptable use policy?

All the services on the server were back online in about 45 minutes and I never received such a notice…